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Nicola O’Byrne is a lactation consultant since 2005 and runs her own private practice providing breastfeeding prep classes and professional breastfeeding help in clients homes and at the Evie Clinic in Dublin. As a mum of 5 she knows only too well the stresses and strains that new mums can face and we are delighted that Nicola is joining us on Monday 15th to share here top tips for breastfeeding success. 

Dr. Crionna Phd, SENr , is one of the highest profile nutritionists in Ireland. Mammy to Fionn 3 years & 10 week old Naoise, she is driven by a passion to educate and inspire families on the powerful role nutrition plays in enhancing all aspects of health and wellness.  Her approach to nutrition is balanced and flexible as she understands the practical day-to-day challenges people face in the area of nutrition & diet.  

vagina care






Join Helen Keeble, a pelvic health physiotherapist & mummy to be, who will be chatting you through what to do and what to expect when recovering from having your beautiful baby. Helen absolutely loves being able to treat & empower women when it comes to their pelvic health. There really is no problem too big, too small, too new or too old that can't be helped - @helenkeeblephysio  








Sandy is a Mama to her gorgeous 8 year old girl and is about to celebrate 15 years with her partner Mark.  She is  a postpartum and bereavement doula, breastfeeding counsellor and reproductive rights activist.  In her practice Sandy Connolly Doula believes that all families should have the support they deserve in transitioning and adjusting on their journey into parenthood. Sandy's own journey in Motherhood led her to train to nurture and educate families with compassionate non-judgemental support. "As I always say, the hardest thing you'll ever do is ask for help that first time"


Erica Hargaden is a busy, working mother of three who has been building up quite the reputation across the country. Trying to get a baby into a sleeping routine is challenging for all new parents, whether it’s their first time or their fourth time. When Erica found a sleeping routine that worked for her own three kids, she found friends coming to her for advice. This led her to train as a Paediatric Sleep Consultant and set up her own practice, Babogue.  Join Erica of @babogue_sleep on June 19th at 8pm as she shares her 7 steps to better sleep for your little one.
We are excited for Lorna Dwyer, pregnancy and postpartum exercise coach and the founder of UrMamaStrength to be joining us on Saturday to put us through our paces. Lorna's goal is to help women remain active during pregnancy in a way that will support their postpartum recovery and return to fitness, exercise and sport, with pelvic health as a foundation. She is also extremely passionate about women's health and supporting women regain optimum function postpartum through knowledge and education. Grab your mat and tune in at 10am on IG Live 

postpartum depression"WHAT ABOUT YOU? YOU MATTER TOO!"

Jessica O'Neill is a mammy to three children, aged 4 and under. She never really gave much thought to postpartum or recovery until she suffered a miscarriage in 2019 and her mental health took a nose dive. Since then she has been a huge advocate for postpartum health and wellness. Jess once thought post-partum care was a luxury and something only the wealthy could afford. Now Jess realises it's not a luxury but a necessity and would encourage all new mums to consciously make a decision to put their health at the forefront. We are delighted that Jess of @mymooandroo  is coming on to share her personal story and experiences as well a closing our Postnatal Wellness Week with a topic that is close to each and every one of us here at The Pod. 





Join fertility nurse specialist Laura Hackett on June 8th who will be chatting us through the fertility journey. 1 in 6 couples experience some form of infertility, yet very little is spoken on this. This is the first step to Motherhood and we are delighted that Laura is kicking off our Prenatal Event. 



pregnancy dental carePREGNANCY DENTAL CARE 

Join Dr Lisa Creaven co-founder of Spotlight Oral Care as she talks us through dental care specifically for pregnancy and beyond. Lisa along with her sister Vanessa started Spotlight Oral Care in 2016 with the aim to create the best oral health products and to educate and promote oral care. These ladies have created amazing products with empowerment and sustainability close to there hearts - values that are extremely close to us!


Wind down with Kathy Milliken and her fabulous prenatal yoga class. Kathy is  a proud mum to two little girls, and founder of  Bump Baby and Me. Since launching in 2012 Kathy has worked with thousands of women and their families from prenatal yoga to breastfeeding counsellor . Kathy is one dynamic lady who offers a wealth of services for the pregnancy, postpartum and parenting.


perineal massagePERINEAL MASSAGE
Time to look after your vajayjay ladies - Join Helen Keeble, a pelvic health physiotherapist & mummy to be, who will be chatting you through perineal massage - what to expect and what to do. Helen absolutely loves being able to treat & empower women when it comes to their pelvic health. There really is no problem too big, too small, too new or too old that can't be helped - @helenkeeblephysio  


Aoife Carty is a Mum of 2, and is a nursery buyer and marketing manager for Bella Baby. Aoife has a passion for sourcing practical and innovative baby products to help new Mums and Dads navigate the challenges of modern parenting. Aoife will be chatting through the mind boggling filed that is Travel systems. Offering top tips on what to look out for when considering what is best for you and family.
Join Aleanbh Cox who will be taking us through breathing, labour positions and the 1st hour after birth. Aleanbh is a registered midwife in Ireland, and mum to two beautiful daughters, she is also the  founder of BirthFIT the first midwife-run pregnancy wellness studio in Ireland to offer education, well-being workshops and fitness classes to pregnant mothers (and their partners).