support band
Pregnancy belly band
Pregnancy support band
Maternity belly band
Support band to relieve back pain
Pregnancy belly band with hot/cold packs

Maternity Bamboo Belly Band

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A new addition to The Pod Collection, is the Maternity Bamboo Belly Band.

Our pregnancy support band is a must have for expecting mums. It lifts and supports the baby bump, easing pressure on back, pelvis, spine and bladder. The maternity band is ergonomically designed, comfortable and flexible. It supports proper posture and reduces the risk of stretch marks.

Made with stretchy and breathable materials designed to lift the weight of your growing belly offering high-level back, hip and abdominal support.

Dual support straps and a hot/hold pack that fits neatly in the back pocket give you extra support.  It's made from super-soft bamboo viscose which is comfortable on fragile stretching skin, essential for a growing baby bump.


The band is easy and safe to wear during all daily activities and provides extra support and stability during a workout.

Our advice:  This works if you are feeling any pressure on your back or belly and the long term benefits on not putting strain on these areas is invaluable.


Details That Matter:


  • Extra compression straps with easy velcro fastenings to lift and support bump
  • Features a back pocket for hot and cold therapy relief designed to ease back pain
  • Extra support, stability and balance during exercise
  • Eases pressure on back, pelvis and spine
  • Relieves bladder discomfort
  • Reduces the risk of stretch marks.


  • Shell: 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex
  • Core: 40% Polyester 40% Nylon 20% Neoprene
  • Reinforced back support with two vertical ribs (PP)

Material care and cleaning instructions:

  • When needed: Gentle hand wash in cold water. Do not soak. Lay flat to dry. 


Fit is everything...whether you're expecting or not.
It's why we have put so much time and effort into making sure each piece in our collection is the perfect fit for you.
We also know that trying to gage your size during pregnancy is difficult, so we have tried to make it easy for you. Each piece in our collection has been designed with baba in mind, allowing room for a growing bump and bust. 
We also recommend when choosing your item to stick to your pre-pregnancy size. However, if you are unsure, you can use this table as a guide.
Size Chart

Measuring your Bra Size

To carry out these measurements we recommend that you wear a non padded bra and ensure that the tape is level around your body.

To find your cup size take a relaxed measurement over the fullest part of your bust.

To measure around your underband take a measurement with the tape measure closely around the body.

We recommend that you fit your bras on the tightest hook at the beginning of your pregnancy so that the bra can be adjusted to bigger sizes as you are growing through your pregnancy and you can get the most wear out your maternity bras. All of our back fastening bras have four rows of hook and eyes to allow you to adjust the underband during the various stages of your pregnancy.  By the time you are ready to give birth you are likely to have you bra adjusted to the loosest hook, you can then begin to tighten the underband after you have given birth.

Please now follow the below chart to find your size in in Six bras – we have tried to make things nice and simple with 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large. Choose your cup size and underband size, where they meet is your size in Six.

Bra Size Chart

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